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    I was hesitant to join the community, but after 9 months, I can say it's exactly as described - free, helpful, and full of resources. There are dozens of guides and resources inside that have helped. Thanks so much, I'm close to purchasing my first real estate foreclosure!

    Jeffrey C.

    Fairfield, CT

    My wife and I spent the last 6 months reviewing information that was provided to us by free of charge. We've learned so much and are closing this month on our second foreclosure. Thank you!

    Paul U.

    Fairfield, CT

    In a word, life-changing. My business partners and I have all gone through the process a few times now, but we were nervous and filled with questions initially. helped answer lots of questions with their community forum and all the resources they provide. We can't thank you enough -- all for free!

    Shane H. & Co.

    Fairfield, CT

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